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A web page (or webpage) is a web document that is suitable for the World Wide Web and the web browser.

web page n : a document connected to the World Wide Web and viewable by anyone connected to the internet who has a web browser

web page A block of data available on the {World-Wide Web}, identified by a {URL}. In the simplest, most common case, a web page is a file written in {HTML}, stored on the {server}. It may refer to {images} which appear as part of the page when it is displayed by a {web browser}. It is also possible for the server to generate pages dynamically in response to a request, e.g. using a {CGI} script. A web page can be in any format that the browser or a {helper application} can display. The format is transmitted as part of the headers of the response as a {MIME} type, e.g. "text/html", "image/gif". An HTML web page will typically refer to other web pages and {Internet} resources by including {hypertext} links. A {web site} often has a {home page} (usually just the hostname, e.g. http://www.foldoc.org/). It may also have individual home pages for each user with an account at the site. (1999-03-21)


A website, also written as web site, or simply site, is a set of related web pages typically served from a single web domain.

web site n : a computer connected to the internet that maintains a series of web pages on the World Wide Web; "the Israeli web site was damaged by hostile hackers" [syn: {internet site}, {site}]

web site (Not "website") Any computer on the {Internet} running a {World-Wide Web} {server} process. A particular web site is identified by the {hostname} part of a {URL}. Multiple hostnames may actually map to the same computer in which case they are known as "{virtual servers}". (1997-02-05)

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