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Update may refer to:

update n : news that updates your information v 1: modernize or bring up to date; "We updated the kitchen in the old house" 2: bring up to date; supply with recent information 3: bring to the latest state of technology

20 Moby Thesaurus words for "update": antedate, backdate, be dated, bear date, date, date at, date-stamp, dateline, datemark, make a date, modernize, postdate, predate, refresh, refurbish, rejuvenate, renovate, restore, set the date, streamline


Upgrading is the process of replacing a product with a newer version of the same product. In computing and consumer electronics an upgrade is generally a replacement of hardware, software or firmware with a newer or better version, in order to bring the system up to date or to improve its characteristics.

upgrade n 1: an upward slope or grade (as in a road); "the car couldn't make it up the rise" [syn: {ascent}, {acclivity}, {rise}, {raise}, {climb}] [ant: {descent}] 2: software that provides better performance than an earlier version did 3: a reservation that is upgraded; "I got an upgrade to first class when coach class was full" 4: the property possessed by a slope or surface that rises [syn: {rise}, {rising slope}] 5: hardware that provides better performance than an earlier version did 6: the act of improving something (especially machinery) by raising it to a higher grade (as by adding or replacing components); "the power plant received a new upgrade" v 1: rate higher; raise in value or esteem [ant: {downgrade}] 2: to improve, especially something that was old or outdated; "I've upgraded my computer so I can run better software"; "The company upgraded their personnel" 3: give a promotion to or assign to a higher position; "John was kicked upstairs when a replacement was hired"; "Women tend not to advance in the major law firms"; "I got promoted after many years of hard work" [syn: {promote}, {advance}, {kick upstairs}, {raise}, {elevate}] [ant: {demote}] 4: get better travel conditions; "I upgraded to First Class when Coach Class was overbooked" 5: give better travel conditions to; "The airline upgraded me when I arrived late and Coach Class was full"

145 Moby Thesaurus words for "upgrade": abruptness, acclinate, acclivitous, acclivity, acculturate, advance, aggrandize, ameliorate, amend, anabasis, anabatic, ascendant, ascending, ascension, ascensional, ascensive, ascent, aslant, aslantwise, aslope, at a slant, atilt, better, boost, breakthrough, bring forward, civilize, clamber, climb, climbing, downgrade, downhill, edify, educate, elevate, elevation, emend, enhance, enlighten, ennoble, enrich, escalade, exalt, fatten, favor, forward, foster, fountain, go straight, graduate, gush, gyring up, hike, improve, improve upon, in the ascendant, increase, jet, jump, kick upstairs, knight, lard, leap, leaping, levitation, lift, make an improvement, meliorate, mend, mount, mounting, nurture, off plumb, pass, precipitousness, prefer, promote, raise, rakingly, rampant, rearing, refine upon, reform, rise, rising, rising ground, rocketing up, saltation, saltatory, scandent, scansorial, shooting up, skyrocketing, slantingly, slantways, slantwise, slaunchways, slopeways, slopingly, soaring, socialize, spiraling, spout, spring, springing, spurt, steepness, straighten out, surge, takeoff, taking off, tipsily, transfigure, transform, up, uparching, upclimb, upcoming, updraft, upgang, upgo, upgoing, upgrowth, uphill, uphillward, upleap, uplift, upping, uprisal, uprise, uprising, uprush, upshoot, upslope, upsloping, upsurge, upsurgence, upsweep, upswing, upward, upwith, vault, verticalness, wax, zooming

Grade \Grade\ (gr[=a]d), n. [F. grade, L. gradus step, pace, grade, from gradi to step, go. Cf. {Congress}, {Degree}, {Gradus}.] 1. A step or degree in any series, rank, quality, order; relative position or standing; as, grades of military rank; crimes of every grade; grades of flour. [1913 Webster] They also appointed and removed, at their own pleasure, teachers of every grade. --Buckle. [1913 Webster] 2. In a railroad or highway: (a) The rate of ascent or descent; gradient; deviation from a level surface to an inclined plane; -- usually stated as so many feet per mile, or as one foot rise or fall in so many of horizontal distance; as, a heavy grade; a grade of twenty feet per mile, or of 1 in 264. (b) A graded ascending, descending, or level portion of a road; a gradient. [1913 Webster] 3. (Stock Breeding) The result of crossing a native stock with some better breed. If the crossbreed have more than three fourths of the better blood, it is called high grade. [1913 Webster] {At grade}, on the same level; -- said of the crossing of a railroad with another railroad or a highway, when they are on the same level at the point of crossing. {Down grade}, a descent, as on a graded railroad. {Up grade}, an ascent, as on a graded railroad. {Equating for grades}. See under {Equate}. {Grade crossing}, a crossing at grade. [1913 Webster]

upgrade 1. A new or better version of some {hardware} or {software}. Often used in {marketroid}-speak to mean "{bug fix}". 2. The act of developing or installing a new version. (1995-03-14)

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