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Resolute or Resolute Bay ( literally “place with no dawn”) is a small Inuit hamlet on Cornwallis Island in Nunavut, Canada.

resolute adj 1: firm in purpose or belief; characterized by firmness and determination; "stood resolute against the enemy"; "faced with a resolute opposition"; "a resolute and unshakeable faith" [ant: {irresolute}] 2: characterized by quickness and firmness; "his reply was unhesitating" [syn: {unhesitating}]

150 Moby Thesaurus words for "resolute": abandoned, adamant, afire, ardent, assiduous, bent, bold, bound, bound and determined, bulldog, bulldoggish, burning, changeless, committed, constant, continuing, dauntless, decided, decisive, dedicated, definite, deliberate, determined, devoted, devout, diligent, dogged, earnest, enduring, experimental, faithful, fast, fervent, fervid, fiery, firm, flaming, game, gamy, gritty, gutsy, gutty, hearty, heated, hot, hot-blooded, immutable, impassioned, in earnest, inalterable, indefatigable, indomitable, industrious, inflexible, insistent, intense, intent, intent on, invincible, irreversible, lasting, loyal, mettlesome, nervy, never-tiring, obstinate, on fire, passionate, patient, patient as Job, perfervid, permanent, perseverant, persevering, persistent, persisting, pertinacious, plodding, plucky, plugging, preoccupied, purposeful, purposive, rapt, red-blooded, red-hot, relentless, resolved, sedulous, serious, set, settled, sincere, single-minded, sleepless, slogging, spirited, spiritful, spunky, stable, staunch, steadfast, steady, stubborn, tenacious, tentative, tireless, tough, trial, true, unabating, unalterable, unchangeable, unchanging, unconquerable, undaunted, undeviating, undiscouraged, undrooping, unfailing, unfaltering, unflagging, unflinching, unhesitant, unhesitating, unintermitting, uninterrupted, unnodding, unrelaxing, unrelenting, unremitting, unshakable, unshakeable, unshaken, unsleeping, unswerving, untiring, unwavering, unwearied, unwearying, unwinking, utterly attentive, vehement, venturesome, warm, weariless, white-hot, wholehearted, willing, zealous

Resolute \Res"o*lute\ (r?z"?-l?t), n. 1. One who is resolute; hence, a desperado. [Obs.] --Shak. [1913 Webster] 2. Redelivery; repayment. [Obs.] ``Yearly resolutes, deductions, and payments.'' --Bp. Burnet. [1913 Webster]

Resolute \Res"o*lute\ (r?z"?-l?t), a. [Cf. F. r['e]solu. The L. resolutus (p. p. of resolvere) means, relaxed, enervated, effeminate. See {Resolve}, v. t. & i.] 1. Having a decided purpose; determined; resolved; fixed in a determination; hence, bold; firm; steady. [1913 Webster] Edward is at hand, Ready to fight; therefore be resolute. --Shak. [1913 Webster] 2. Convinced; satisfied; sure. [Obs.] [1913 Webster] 3. Resolving, or explaining; as, the Resolute Doctor Durand. [Obs.] [1913 Webster] Syn: Determined; decided; fixed; steadfast; steady; constant; persevering; firm; bold; unshaken. [1913 Webster]

RESOLUTE, adj. Obstinate in a course that we approve.


Stubborn, is a description of someone who is seen by others to steadfastly refuse to change their opinions, despite being presented with what others consider are good reasons to do so.

stubborn adj 1: tenaciously unwilling or marked by tenacious unwillingness to yield [ant: {docile}] 2: not responding to treatment; "a stubborn infection"; "a refractory case of acne" [syn: {refractory}] 3: difficult to treat or deal with; "stubborn rust stains"; "a stubborn case of acne" 4: persisting in a reactionary stand [syn: {obstinate}, {unregenerate}]

189 Moby Thesaurus words for "stubborn": adamant, adamantine, adherent, adhesive, assiduous, balking, balky, bigoted, bulldogged, bulldoggish, bulldoggy, bulletheaded, bullheaded, cantankerous, cartilaginous, case-hardened, chewy, clingy, cohesive, constant, continuing, contumacious, coriaceous, determined, diligent, dogged, dogmatic, dour, durable, enduring, faithful, fanatic, fibrous, firm, fundamentalist, gluey, glutinous, gristly, gummy, hard, hardheaded, hardy, headstrong, hidebound, immovable, immutable, impliable, inalterable, indefatigable, indomitable, inductile, industrious, inelastic, inexorable, inextensible, inextensile, inextensional, inflexible, insistent, insubordinate, intolerant, intractable, intractile, intransigent, invincible, iron, ironbound, ironclad, ironhanded, irresilient, lasting, leatherlike, leathery, loyal, mulish, muscle-bound, never-tiring, nonelastic, nonstretchable, obdurate, obstinate, opinionated, ornery, orthodox, overzealous, patient, patient as Job, permanent, perseverant, persevering, persistent, persisting, pertinacious, pigheaded, plodding, plugging, preoccupied, procrustean, purist, puristic, puritan, puritanic, rapt, rebellious, recalcitrant, refractory, relentless, resistant, resolute, restive, rigid, rigorist, rigoristic, rigorous, rockbound, ropy, sedulous, self-adhesive, self-willed, set, sinewy, single-minded, sleepless, slogging, stable, steadfast, steady, stickable, sticky, stiff, stiff-necked, straightlaced, straitlaced, stringy, strong, strong-willed, strongheaded, stunt, sulky, sullen, tacky, tenacious, tireless, tough, tough as leather, unabating, unalterable, unbending, uncompromising, unconquerable, uncooperative, undaunted, undiscouraged, undrooping, unextendible, unextensible, unfailing, unfaltering, unflagging, unflexible, unflinching, ungiving, unintermitting, uninterrupted, unlimber, unmalleable, unnodding, unpliable, unpliant, unregenerate, unrelaxing, unrelenting, unremitting, unsleeping, unswerving, untiring, untractable, unwavering, unwearied, unwearying, unwinking, unyielding, utterly attentive, vigorous, viscid, wayward, weariless, willful, wiry

Stubborn \Stub"born\, a. [OE. stoburn, stiborn; probably fr. AS. styb a stub. See {Stub}.] Firm as a stub or stump; stiff; unbending; unyielding; persistent; hence, unreasonably obstinate in will or opinion; not yielding to reason or persuasion; refractory; harsh; -- said of persons and things; as, stubborn wills; stubborn ore; a stubborn oak; as stubborn as a mule. ``Bow, stubborn knees.'' --Shak. ``Stubborn attention and more than common application.'' --Locke. ``Stubborn Stoics.'' --Swift. [1913 Webster] And I was young and full of ragerie [wantonness] Stubborn and strong, and jolly as a pie. --Chaucer. [1913 Webster] These heretics be so stiff and stubborn. --Sir T. More. [1913 Webster] Your stubborn usage of the pope. --Shak. [1913 Webster] Syn: Obstinate; inflexible; obdurate; headstrong; stiff; hardy; firm; refractory; intractable; rugged; contumacious; heady. Usage: {Stubborn}, {Obstinate}. Obstinate is used of either active or passive persistence in one's views or conduct, in spite of the wishes of others. Stubborn describes an extreme degree of passive obstinacy. -- {Stub"born*ly}, adv. -- {Stub"born*ness}, n. [1913 Webster]

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