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Petroleum jelly, petrolatum, white petrolatum, soft paraffin or multi-hydrocarbon, CAS number 8009-03-8, is a semi-solid mixture of hydrocarbons (with carbon numbers mainly higher than 25), originally promoted as a topical ointment for its healing properties.

petrolatum n : a semi-solid mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum; used in medicinal ointments and for lubrication [syn: {petroleum jelly}, {mineral jelly}]

Petrolatum \Pet`ro*la"tum\, n. (Chem. & Pharm.) A semisolid unctuous substance, neutral, and without taste or odor, derived from petroleum by distilling off the lighter portions and purifying the residue. It is a yellowish, fatlike mass, transparent in thin layers, and somewhat fluorescent. It is used as a bland protective dressing, and as a substitute for fatty materials in ointments. --U. S. Pharm. [1913 Webster] Note: Petrolatum is the official name for the purified product. Cosmoline and vaseline are commercial names for substances essentially the same, but differing slightly in appearance and consistency or fusibility. [1913 Webster]


Petroleum (L. petroleum, from Greek: Πέτρα (rock) + (oil)) is a naturally occurring flammable liquid consisting of a complex mixture of hydrocarbons of various molecular weights and other liquid organic compounds, that are found in geologic formations beneath the Earth's surface.

petroleum n : a dark oil consisting mainly of hydrocarbons [syn: {crude oil}, {crude}, {rock oil}, {fossil oil}]

27 Moby Thesaurus words for "petroleum": avgas, benzine, coal oil, crude, crude oil, electricity, ethyl, ethyl gas, fossil oil, gas, gasoline, high-octane gas, high-test, illuminant, illuminating gas, kerosene, lead-free gas, light source, low-lead gas, luminant, motor oil, oil, paraffin, petrol, premium gas, regular, rock oil

Petroleum \Pe*tro"le*um\, n. [NL., fr. L. petra a rock + oleum oil: cf. F. p['e]trole. Cf. {Petrify}, and {Oil}.] Rock oil, mineral oil, or natural oil, a dark brown or greenish inflammable liquid, which, at certain points, exists in the upper strata of the earth, from whence it is pumped, or forced by pressure of the gas attending it. It consists of a complex mixture of various hydrocarbons, largely of the methane series, but may vary much in appearance, composition, and properties. It is refined by distillation, and the products include kerosene, benzine, gasoline, paraffin, etc. [1913 Webster] {Petroleum spirit}, a volatile liquid obtained in the distillation of crude petroleum at a temperature of 170[deg] Fahr., or below. The term is rather loosely applied to a considerable range of products, including benzine and ligroin. The terms petroleum ether, and naphtha, are sometimes applied to the still more volatile products, including rhigolene, gasoline, cymogene, etc. [1913 Webster]

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