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The General Dictionary, Historical and Critical was a biographical dictionary published from 1734 to 1741 in London in 10 volumes.

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This article is about thesauri for general or literary applications; for thesauri designed for information retrieval, see Thesaurus (information retrieval)

thesaurus n : a book containing a classified list of synonyms [syn: {synonym finder}] [also: {thesauri} (pl)]

47 Moby Thesaurus words for "thesaurus": armory, arsenal, biographical dictionary, cache, chemical dictionary, desk dictionary, dialect dictionary, dictionary, dictionary of quotations, electronics dictionary, etymological dictionary, foreign-language dictionary, gazetteer, general dictionary, geological dictionary, gloss, glossary, gradus, lexicon, lexis, nomenclator, onomasticon, phrase book, phraseology, polyglot dictionary, promptorium, repository, rhyming dictionary, science dictionary, slang dictionary, specialized dictionary, stock of words, storehouse, synonym dictionary, synonymy, terminology, treasure trove, treasury, treasury of words, unabridged dictionary, verbiage, vocabulary, word list, wordage, wordbook, wordhoard, words

Thesaurus \The*sau"rus\, n.; pl. {Thesauri}. [L. See {Treasure}.] A treasury or storehouse; hence, a repository, especially of knowledge; -- often applied to a comprehensive work, like a dictionary or cyclopedia. [1913 Webster]

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