Let's Compare Drywall-Ceiling and Popcorn-Ceiling


Often refers to a ceiling made with drywall that has a smoother texture and finish than a popcorn ceiling.


A popcorn ceiling, also known as cottage cheese ceiling or more accurately an acoustic ceiling, is a term for a spray-on or paint-on ceiling treatment used from the late 1950s into the 1980s in American residential construction.

The popcorn ceiling was the standard for bedroom and residential hallway ceilings for its bright, white appearance, noise reduction qualities and ability to hide imperfections, while kitchen and living rooms ceilings would normally be finished in smoother skip-trowel or orange peel texture for their higher durability and ease of cleaning.

Unfortunately, in early formulations it often contained white asbestos fibers.

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Your Comparisons - Drywall-Ceiling And Popcorn-Ceiling