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The conservation movement, also known as nature conservation, is a political, environmental and a social movement that seeks to protect natural resources including animal, fungus and plant species as well as their habitat for the future.

conservation n 1: an occurrence of improvement by virtue of preventing loss or injury or other change [syn: {preservation}] 2: the preservation and careful management of the environment and of natural resources 3: (physics) the maintenance of a certain quantities unchanged during chemical reactions or physical transformations

44 Moby Thesaurus words for "conservation": attention, care, cold storage, conservancy, conservationism, control, custody, dead storage, directing, dry storage, economy, environmental conservation, forest conservation, forest management, governing, guardianship, husbandry, keeping, maintenance, management, managing, preserval, preservation, protection, safeguarding, safekeeping, salvage, salvation, saving, shelf-room, soil conservation, storage, storage space, stowage, stream conservation, supervising, supervision, support, sustentation, upkeep, warehousing, water conservation, wetlands conservation, wildlife conservation

Energy \En"er*gy\, n.; pl. {Energies}. [F. ['e]nergie, LL. energia, fr. Gr.?, fr. ? active; ? in + ? work. See {In}, and {Work}.] 1. Internal or inherent power; capacity of acting, operating, or producing an effect, whether exerted or not; as, men possessing energies may suffer them to lie inactive. [1913 Webster] The great energies of nature are known to us only by their effects. --Paley. [1913 Webster] 2. Power efficiently and forcibly exerted; vigorous or effectual operation; as, the energy of a magistrate. [1913 Webster] 3. Strength of expression; force of utterance; power to impress the mind and arouse the feelings; life; spirit; -- said of speech, language, words, style; as, a style full of energy. [1913 Webster] 4. (Physics) Capacity for performing work. [1913 Webster] Note: The kinetic energy of a body is the energy it has in virtue of being in motion. It is measured by one half of the product of the mass of each element of the body multiplied by the square of the velocity of the element, relative to some given body or point. The available kinetic energy of a material system unconnected with any other system is that energy which is due to the motions of the parts of the system relative to its center of mass. The potential energy of a body or system is that energy which is not kinetic; -- energy due to configuration. Kinetic energy is sometimes called actual energy. Kinetic energy is exemplified in the vis viva of moving bodies, in heat, electric currents, etc.; potential energy, in a bent spring, or a body suspended a given distance above the earth and acted on by gravity. [1913 Webster] {Accumulation}, {Conservation}, {Correlation}, & {Degradation of energy}, etc. (Physics) See under {Accumulation}, {Conservation}, {Correlation}, etc. Syn: Force; power; potency; vigor; strength; spirit; efficiency; resolution. [1913 Webster]

Conservation \Con`ser*va"tion\, n. [L. conservatio: cf. F. conservation.] The act of preserving, guarding, or protecting; the keeping (of a thing) in a safe or entire state; preservation. [1913 Webster] A step necessary for the conservation of Protestantism. --Hallam. [1913 Webster] A state without the means of some change is without the means of its conservation. --Burke. [1913 Webster] {Conservation of areas} (Astron.), the principle that the radius vector drawn from a planet to the sun sweeps over equal areas in equal times. {Conservation of energy}, or {Conservation of force} (Mech.), the principle that the total energy of any material system is a quantity which can neither be increased nor diminished by any action between the parts of the system, though it may be transformed into any of the forms of which energy is susceptible. --Clerk Maxwell. [1913 Webster]


Preservation may refer to:

preservation n 1: the activity of protecting something from loss or danger [syn: {saving}] 2: the condition of being (well or ill) preserved 3: a process that saves organic substances from decay 4: an occurrence of improvement by virtue of preventing loss or injury or other change [syn: {conservation}]

67 Moby Thesaurus words for "preservation": bottling up, care, cold storage, conservancy, conservation, continuation, corking up, cover, creation, custody, dead storage, defense, dispensation, dry storage, eternal re-creation, eternal return, eternalization, eye, guard, guardianship, holding, holding in, immortalization, inhibition, keeping, lee, locking in, maintenance, perpetuating, perpetuation, prehension, preserval, protecting, protection, protective custody, providence, refuge, repression, retaining, retainment, retention, retentiveness, retentivity, safeguard, safeguarding, safekeeping, safety, salvation, saving, security, shade, shadow, shelf-room, shelter, shield, steady-state universe, storage, storage space, stowage, suppression, sustentation, tenacity, upkeep, visitations of providence, ward, warehousing, watchful eye

Preservation \Pres`er*va"tion\, n. [Cf. F. pr['e]servation.] The act or process of preserving, or keeping safe; the state of being preserved, or kept from injury, destruction, or decay; security; safety; as, preservation of life, fruit, game, etc.; a picture in good preservation. [1913 Webster] Give us particulars of thy preservation. --Shak. [1913 Webster]

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